Wer Zuverlässigkeit gewährleistet, ist zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort.

Matthäi is shaped by people

The philosophy of our founders Rudolf and Hermann Matthäi is still present today. They created an individual corporate spirit based on humanity, expertise and a pronounced understanding of social values. Both the lives and the work of our founders were shaped by their huge interest in other cultures, the respective histories and the distinctive features of other eras.

Pictures in the desert

The figures that have become known as the "Nazca Lines" left by the eponymous culture in the Atacama desert in the South of Peru are probably more than 1500 years old. They are called "geoglyphs", with many mysterious theories and great conjecture about how they came about.

Maria Reiche was the German researcher who first examined, surveyed and documented all the figures. She lived in Nazca from 1941 until she died in 1998. It is thanks to her that the Nazca Lines were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, a Visitor Centre on the site provides interested visitors with information about the figures and the lifework of the German researcher.

Throughout their lives, our founders were fascinated by a unique life story, the ambitious and selfless commitment shown by the researcher, "soil" as a medium in the unique cultural context of a mysterious society and the perfect craftsmanship of the figures. The Nazca Lines combine the shared values, interests and dreams of their discovery and also our company founders.

A bit of Nazca in Verden

Nazca is present at company headquarters in Verden. Talented artists have reproduced the impressive figures in stone: they accompany us in what we do and say, and shape our philosophy.