Wer sich international bewegen will, muss Fläche dafür bieten.

Airport and port infrastructure

Scarcely any other aspect of freight and passenger transport entails such huge areas and great loads than the infrastructure involved at airports and port facilities for ocean-going and inland vessels. The corresponding areas cope with hundreds of tonnes of moving goods by the hour while mostly being exposed to the weather at the same time.

The extent of the areas involved and the quantity of machinery and construction materials demanded for such projects cry out for a partner capable of providing not only the specialist know-how but also the corresponding production logistics and large-scale production facilities.

Working in close harmony with the rhythm of the infrastructure operators, our experts in all corresponding disciplines provide concentrated service from planning to handover. Our own raw materials production and logistics, extensive machinery and fleets together with the possibilities offered by a workforce exceeding 1800 employees make it standard procedure for Matthäi to work within the tightest schedules – even in this demanding area.