Wer bei Beton nur an graue Masse denkt, wird von der Vielseitigkeit begeistert sein.


Concrete is versatile, solid and flexible. In fact, it can be processed like scarcely any other construction material. Whether cast or otherwise shaped, sawn or erected, there are practically no limits to its diversity.

Top quality concrete is indispensable. With its stability, it is the key structural element in constructive civil engineering, while its resistance makes it the material of choice in the construction of particularly demanding traffic infrastructure. Concrete undergoes continuous further development, today showing many different faces in all parts of our daily life.

By the way, concrete is natural. Surprised? It's true! Like granite and marble, gompholite is a popular natural stone with great similarity to concrete. It also consists of gravel and sand that has been cemented with binders in a slow, natural process. Modern concrete production reconstructs this natural process in a controlled, calculable fashion.