Close bonds with the region
create an awareness of what people need.

The right suggestions always arise from a feeling for the region and close contact to the people living there. That is why people can find us where they expect us. Close to our customers.

Matthäi in Germany

The historic equestrian town of Verden in Lower Saxony is home to the Matthäi Group, where our headquarters steer the development of the Group and take strategic decisions. but the success of our work also includes personal availability and local advice on site for our customers. To this end, we maintain further branch offices, subsidiaries and holdings in many regions:

North Rhine-Westphalia, Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

We are at work in altogether 30 sites, developing individual solutions and accompanying on-going construction projects. Short distances, personal advice and the bonds between our staff and the region shape our commitment in the immediate neighbourhood of our clients.

In the interests of punctual completion, we set great store by just-in-time material deliveries with assured high quality standards thanks to our own production of many materials and items. Through our branch offices, we maintain our own logistics network with a modern fleet for reliable delivery services.

International presence

The Matthäi Group also operates on an international scale and runs its own stone quarries in Poland, Finland and the Baltic States for top quality raw materials.