Every development starts with a vision.
Combining humanity with efficiency is just one of Gerhard Matthäis\' visions to have come true. This way of seeing things is the basis for our corporate culture and the benchmark for our decisions.

Gerhard Matthäi: the visionary

As son of the company founder Rudolf Matthäi, in 1967 Gerhard Matthäi took on the management of the company in the second generation. With a degree in civil engineering and transport infrastructure, Gerhard Matthäi ran the company with great expertise and success along the lines established by the founder. In just a few years, he expanded the range of services and quality standards to the level of the current Group.

Today we are a team of more than 1800 employees working in more than 30 sites. Our specialists identify themselves with the Matthäi company and with Gerhard Matthäi's visions in a way that generates a wealth of proprietary material research and innovative technical developments. Motivation, humanity and unique commitment were always an inseparable whole in Gerhard Matthäi's ideas and objectives.

Gerhard Matthäi's presence is still clearly noticeable, his approach made the company what it is today. Gerhard Matthäi was a visionary with a pronounced set of values that have sustainably shaped the way we work and act together as a community. His thoughts and ideas always put things in perspective, along forward-looking, humanitarian lines.

The great social responsibility that Gerhard Matthäi saw in the role and hands of an entrepreneur still lives on today.

The lifelong bond with Verden resulted in the Gerhard and Karin Matthäi Foundation, dedicated to offering young people a chance. Close contact with "Domgymnasium" grammar school in Verden goes right back to Gerhard Matthäis' own childhood and youth. As a former pupil of the school, he has always kept in touch with the place which in his eyes laid the main foundations for his professional career. Today the Foundation provides funds to support the school and helps young people to academic success, creating an important basis for further education, training and a career. Gerhard and Karin Matthäi always felt it is important for youngsters to be open-minded and show an eager interest in European neighbours, as demonstrated by the school exchange programme they organised and funded with a grammar school in Tallinn. The Foundation also supports research and teaching at the Technical University Braunschweig. In this way, Gerhard and Karin Matthäi would like to help improve the prospects for young adults who, more than ever in this day and age, need to face the challenge of international competition.

Gerhard Matthäi died at the age of 65. His approach, his sense of responsibility, his awareness of quality and his humanity live on.