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The Matthäi Group

Your partner for sustainable solutions

Sustainability is the catchword of our times. Long-term prospects are particularly important in the building trade. Successful construction requires a partner you can depend on, now and in future.

We are one such partner: the Matthäi Group. For us, future viability begins with individual advice in developing sound solution concepts, working on the basis of know-how accumulated over more than 80 years, together with the commitment of more than 1800 employees in 30 branch offices.

We look after our own future with the innovations emerging from our own developments. Experience, know-how and regional proximity are attributes that our customers appreciate.

With Matthäi as partner, construction is safe and sound – for today and for future generations.

The range of services

We are involved in a wide range of commitments in Germany and Europe:

Road construction: asphalt, concrete and paving work, mastic asphalt, thin layers, inline paving

Earthworks/underground construction: earthworks, landfill construction, dyke construction, sewer construction, pipeline construction

Civil engineering: structural engineering, bridge construction, bridge refurbishment, industrial construction, structural waterproofing, wind turbines

Airport and port infrastructure

Track construction:
construction of new tracks, maintenance, construction of urban track systems, crane tracks in ports and industrial plants

Waterways engineering: dredging, revetment work, sheet piling work, steel waterways engineering, clay waterproofing

Environment technology: remediation of contaminated sites, building material recycling, soil treatment, treatment of contaminated excavated matter