Wer will, dass alles glatt läuft, muss sich rechtzeitig die Wege dafür ebnen.

Straßen sind immer größeren Belastungen ausgesetzt. Asphalte sind im Straßenbau schnell und vielseitig einsetzbar. Deshalb konzentrieren wir uns auf die Entwicklung neuer Lösungen. Für eine lange Lebensdauer.

Road construction

Our road construction activities look back on a long tradition. We have collected a huge wealth of experience with state-of-the-art asphalting procedures. Practical situations repeatedly generate new ideas that we turn into new, innovative standards for our work.

As far as asphalt technology is concerned, we are constantly developing new procedures and construction methods. Our team of specialists works 24/7 at advancing the technical development of asphalt with its special properties for the various different applications.

We have played a major role with our involvement in the development of thin layers in hot-on-hot sealing methods and getting this established on the German market. Together with VÖGELE AG, we have developed the meanwhile established inline paving method as the answer to the need for efficient, flexible asphalt paving for life-long maintenance of our roads.